Hutchinson History Page

The Hutchinson Branches

Hutchinson - Fitzpatrick Line Hutchinson Line Fitzpatrick Line

Jordan - Hull Line Jordan Line Hull Line

Connor - Christopher Line Connor Line Christopher Line

Dagnia - McGrath Line Dagnia Line McGrath Line

The Donald Branches

Donald and Hatten Lines Donald Line Hatten Line
Hatten and Rightmire Lines Goodrich Line Rightmire Line

The Tarletons and the Bulkeleys are the closest common ancestors.

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Tarleton Family
Family Links to Royals
Peter JordanCatherine Early Jordan Jordan Wedding
Peter JordanCatherine Early Jordan Laurania Hawood Fitzpatrick
Hutchinson Great-Grandparents
Daniel and Nancy HutchinsonFamily Members Dennison, Joseph, Jacob, Benjamin
Edgar, Daniel, John, Newton
Jordan Great-Grandparents
Hugh JordanJordan Family Hugh in Uniform
Jordan FarmJordan Family Old Hugh Jordan
Connor Great-Grandparents
John ConnorJohn Connor Mary Christopher Connor
Dagnia Great-Grandparents
Grandma ManleyGrandchildren Four Genertations